Steel Ball Surface Detector

  Structure and Principle Of the Automatic Steel Ball Surface Detector:
The newly developed Steel Ball Surface Detector that obtained a number of International and National patents can detect the balls which the size is no more than 2 mm.It is the world's first detector to solve the problem of surface detection miniature balls(<=2mm).

Two parts according to the function:

The first part: Sorting Roll Bar to sort different size balls and avoid mixing different size balls.

The second part: CCD Cameras automatically takes a series of digital images, using the Image Contrast Method to detect the balls. Using the stepper motors control mechanical system enables automatical giving the balls, the surface expanding and sorting.

Technical Parameter: Ball size:0.7938mm~6.35mm(1/32" ~ 1/4"); Detection Rate: 14400pcs/hour; Undetected Ration:0.0002%; Collecting Box:Two Boxes(Qualified/ Disqualified)
  Structural Features:
Product data sheet: