Steel Balls Products & solutions

Bearing Steel balls
  • Applications: Ball bearings are widely used in high-speed low-noise bearing, can also be used to grinding other media
  • Grade: 10~100
  • Size: F0.5mm~F250mm
  • Categories: high precision?wearable?fine-lapping steel ball.

    Crystal balls

    Stainless steel balls
    Stainless Steel balls
  • Material : AISI 302~AISI 316 ; AISI 420~AISI 440C
  • Grade :40~1000
  • Size :0.5mm~2"
  • Application :dispenser valve ball, stainless steel bearing, chemical related application.
  • Corrosion Resistance Comparison :316>304/302>430>420/440

    Miniature steel balls
    Miniature Steel balls

    Large steel balls
    Large Steel balls

    Plastic steel balls
    Plastic balls