Steel ball Roller Sorting Machine

  Range of application:
This new roller sorting machine is mainly used for selecting size precision of the steel balls automatically. The precision <=0.001mm is very applicable to size precision selecting of difference diameter steel balls. During rough sorting period, it also can be used to pick different balls, scrapped parts and surface defected balls out. Meanwhile, it is applicable to various sizes of hi-precision metal and electronic components .

  Structural Features:
This machine is designed by totally enclosed type, shapely and clean, good dustproof performance. There are total 4 groups sorting rollers to operate, which being 4 times efficiency compare with traditional machine, but 1/4 labor cost only, equipped with a special classified collecting box and the corresponding sensor, also designed with moisture-proof device and HD industrial camera. Our latest patented roller designing improve precision sorting to <=0.001mm. The auto-input material feeding system has been adopted to this new machine, which is capable for adjusting the feeding speed and sorting different size steel balls.