440C Stainless steel balls

AISI Type 440C balls are a martenistic-type stainless steel, which is used extensively in bearing applications that require corrosion-resisting properties. 440C balls are resistant to corrosion from fresh water, steam, crude oil, gasoline, perspiration, alcohol, blood and foodstuffs. Maximum resistance to corrosion and tarnishing is only achieved when 440C is fully hardened and surfaces are polished to a high luster. HRT provides 440C balls in vacuum melt condition upon request. Sizes are available in millimeters, inches and fractions.

440/440C Stainless Steel Balls
  440C Stainless Steel Balls specification:
    440C stainless balls gives maximum hardness with good corrosion resistance to fresh water, steam, crude oil, gasoline, alcohol, food environment, blood and perspiration. In addition this material is ferro-magnetic and makes a fair permanent magnet. Balls are deep freeze stabilised after heat treatment.

1. International Equivalents: AISI 440C , JIS SUS 440C

Carbon 0.95 to 1.20% Tensile Strength 285,000 psi
Chromium 16 to 18% Yield Strength 275,000 psi
Manganese 1.0% Max Elongation in two inches 2%
Silicon 1.0% Max Reduction in area 10%
Phosphorus 0.04% Max Modulus of elasticity 29,000,000 psi
Sulfur 0.03% Max Density .277 lbs./cu. In.
Nickel 0.75% Max    
Molybdenum 0.40 - 0.65%    

2. Available Grades and Sizes:

  Inches Millimeters
100, 200 0.007" - 0.160" 0.2mm - 4mm
10, 24, 48 0.015" - 0.160" 0.5mm - 4mm